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Adolph brothers and Edouard-Jean Cointreau opened a plant of berry liqueurs production in 1849 in the city of Angers. Three generations of the Cointreaus kept the secret of their liqueur production. In 1885 Edward obtained a patent on the name and shape of the bottle. It makes the liquor Cointreau recognizable today. Cointreau is the basis for 350 classic cocktails and presents new trendy cocktails Cointreau Fizz that is easy to cook at home. It can be sipped neat with ice.


Cointreau  CointreauОбъем 0,05 л.; 0,35 л.; 0,5 л.; 0,7л.; 1 л.

Volume 0,05 l.; 0,35 l.; 0,5 l.; 0,7l.; 1 l.

Cointreau Noir  Объем 0,7 л.

Cointreau Noir
Volume 0,7 l.

Cointreau Blood Orange  Объем 0,7 л.

Cointreau Blood Orange
Volume 0,7 l.

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