Louis XIII


type of drink

Exclusive LOUIS XIII de Rémy Martin cognac is an exquisite and perfect combination of 1200 best cognac spirits, obtained exclusively from the grapes of the prestigious Grand Champagne region. This cognac is stored in a richly flower-de-luce decorated cut-glass decanter from the picked craftsmen of Baccarat. The youngest of these spirits is 40 years old, with the elders being 100 years old; each adds a unique sound and character to the composition. Each LOUIS XIII decanter is a brainchild of four generations of cellar masters: they filigreely lead the creation of this dear drink, which allows calling it "the century in the bottle"!


LOUIS XIII de Rémy Martin  0,7 л.; 1,5 л.; 3 л.

LOUIS XIII de Rémy Martin 0,7 l.; 1,5 l.; 3 l.

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