type of drink

Jägermeister is a unique drink originated from Germany. The spirit has been produced in Wolfenbüttel since 1935. Jägermeister conists of 56 ingredients from all over the world - herbs, roots, fruits and spices, that are being aged in oak barrels for 12 months.  The exact recipe is still kept in secret. The recommended way of serving Jägermeister is "ice cold shot": the drink must be cooled to -18 ° C and served pure in branded shot glasses.


Jägermeister  Объем 0,04;0,35;0,5;0,7;1 л.

Jägermeister Volume 0,04;0,35;0,5;0,7;1 l.

Jägermeister + 2 шота Объем 0,7 л.

Jägermeister + 2 shots Volume 0,7 l.

Jägermeister + фляга  Объем 0,7 л.

Jägermeister + flask Volume 0,7 l.

Jägermeister + гейзер  Объем 0,7 л.

Jägermeister + pourer Volume 0,7 l.

Jägermeister + деревянная колонка  Объем 0,7 л.

Jägermeister + speaker Volume 0,7 l.

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