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Maranello is one of the largest producers of Lambrusco wines. Lambrusco (Lambrusco) is an Italian sparkling wine, from the Emilia-Romagna region, made on the basis of the same grape variety. Sparkling wines of Lambrusco are semisweet slightly sparkling (frizante) wines. Similarly to Prosecco, Lambrusco is made by the method of secondary fermentation in a vat (Sharm's method).


Maranello Fragolino  Объем 0,75 л.

Maranello Fragolino Volume 0,75 l.

Maranello  RossoОбъем 0,75 л.

Maranello RossoVolume 0,75 l.

Moranello RossatoОбъем 0,75 л.

Moranello RossatoVolume 0,75 l.

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