Riga Black Balsam


type of drink

History says that, in the middle of the XVIII century, Riga pharmacist Abraham Kunze found an old recipe of vodka infusions of herbs - Riga Black Balsam. It created from 25 different ingredients by skillful hands of the masters of the Riga, which makes it original and unique. Anyone can experience its exceptional properties: fruity aroma and a slightly bitter taste in every sip. Riga Black Сurrant has received more than 30 awards at different international competitions, which in itself is a recognition of its unique taste. 


Riga Black Balsam    Объем:   0,35; 0,5; 0,7; 1 л.

Riga Black Balsam
Volume: 0,35; 0,5; 0,7; 1 l.

Riga Black Currant    Объем: 0,04; 0,5;  0,7 л.

Riga Black Currant
Volume: 0,04; 0,5;
0,7 l.

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