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The history of SMIRNOFF vodka – the world’s most popular vodka – dates back over 150 years. The manufacturing technology of SMIRNOFF vodka is not to be equalled across the globe.  It is a unique combination of the best components (luxury alcohol), multiple (eightfold) purification using specially treated activated carbon (single-use) and permanent quality control, including complex physical and chemical tests and tasting for continuous improvement of the consumer properties.


Smirnoff  Black №55 1л.

Smirnoff Black №55 1l.

Smirnoff  Blue 0,7 л.

Smirnoff Blue 0,7 l.

Smirnoff  Blue 1л.

Smirnoff Blue 1l.

Smirnoff  No 21 0,375 л.

Smirnoff No 21
0,375 l.

Smirnoff  Red №22 1л.

Smirnoff Red №22 1l.

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