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The name Glenkinchie comes from the name of the spring from which water for the production of whisky is taken. Its name is literally translated from Gaelic (the language of ancient Celts) as “the Valley of Kinchie Brook”. The Glenkinchie factory is located just a few miles from the centre of Edinburgh. The climate of this part of Scotland provides best conditions in Europe for ripening of barley and its subsequent drying and distillation, which is why it is no wonder that this single malt whisky has been produced here for many centuries. The official Glenkinchie trademark appeared in 1837. This drink is ideal for the first meeting with the single malt whisky. For its light and delicate hints of taste and aroma, Glenkinchie is often called “whisky for ladies”.


Glenkinchie  Glenkinchie 12 YO

Glenkinchie Glenkinchie 12 YO

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