Captain Morgan


type of drink

Captain Morgan rum possesses an interesting history, having been first created by a real pirate Henry Morgan, the name of whom terrified people of the Caribbean Islands region. The story of his pirating was finished in 1671, when Spain and England signed a peace treaty, and in 1673, owing to his merit for England, he was conferred the title of “Sir” and was appointed a vice governor of Jamaica, where he created the original formulation of a pirate drink.


Captain Morgan  Black Spiced  Объем 0,7 л.

Captain Morgan Black Spiced
Volume 0,7 l

Captain Morgan  Jamaica Rum  Объем 0,5; 0,7; 1 л.

Captain Morgan Jamaica Rum
Volume 0,5; 0,7; 1 l.

Captain Morgan  Spiced Gold  Объем 0,5; 0,7; 1 л.

Captain Morgan Spiced Gold
Volume 0,5; 0,7; 1 l.

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