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Sheridan’s is an original Irish liqueur containing one-third of the cream liqueur and two-thirds of the coffee liqueur, prepared on the basis of Irish whisky. The one-of-a-kind bottle consisting of two vessels allows to preserve the required proportions of these two liqueurs when being poured and position them beautifully with regard to each other in a cocktail glass.  The manufacture of SHERIDAN’S is performed in accordance with the most modern technology using only natural ingredients. 


Sheridan’s     Объем 0,375 л

Sheridan’s Volume 0,375 l

Sheridan’s     Объем 0,500 л

Sheridan’s Volume 0,500 l

Sheridan’s     Объем 0,5 л

Sheridan’s Volume 0,5 л

Sheridan’s     Объем 0,7 л

Sheridan’s Volume 0,7 l

Sheridan’s     Объем 1 л

Sheridan’s Volume 1 l

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