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Created in Ireland in 1974, Baileys laid the foundation for the new category of alcoholic drinks – cream liqueurs – and as soon as a year after, it broke into the world market, where it became a leader right from the start, despite the numerous rivals. Among all the alcoholic drinks which have appeared over the past 35 years, Baileys is the greatest success.On the world market of cream liqueurs, the share of Baileys is 80%. 


Baileys  OriginalОбъем 0,375 л

Baileys Original
Volume 0,375 l

Baileys  OriginalОбъем 0,5 л

Baileys Original
Volume 0,5 l

Baileys  OriginalОбъем 0,7 л

Baileys Original
Volume 0,7 l

Baileys  OriginalОбъем 1 л

Baileys Original
Volume 1 l

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