The launch of Private Label of rum, gin and tequila

International company Beveland Distillers was selected by the holding "Bayadere Group" as a partner to produce rum, which is already introduce at the market by two positions - «Real Rum Blanco» and «Real Rum Gold». This is real Caribbean rum from sugar cane produced in the Dominican Republic. The average price on the shelf is UAH 150 for the 0.7L.

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By order of "Bayadere Group", the world famous company Distilleries MG produces «Genuine Gin» in Spain and «True Tequila» in Mexico. In particular,  Destilerias MG is a manufacturer of the best gin in the world, according to the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2015.The  Feature of  «Genuine Gin» is a high strength - 47%, which is typical only for premium brands. The retail price of a new gin is UAH 180 for the 0.7L.

Thanks to its own distribution all new brands are pushed closer to consumers, as these products are already represented in the largest Ukrainian retail chains and retail stores. In fact, "Bayadere Group" offers the market high-quality imported alcohol at the most affordable price.

The company believes that their own brands will be successful due to their honest positioning and fresh design, which is rarely seen at this market segment. The ideology of our brands is to be as open and honest as possible with our consumers. We do not make up a story or a legend; we are saying that our product is genuine, qualitative and affordable to purchase - nothing more. This is emphasized by laconic mono design that is common for all brands. To show the design process in full, we have deliberately not removed the drawing lines on labels. Capital letters R, G and T will distinguish our brands on the shelf and they will be easily remembered by the consumer. After tasting one product appears the trust to another one. For the first time ever at the alcohol market of Ukraine we are creating a single image for the whole range of different products and it happens due to transparent and fair positioning. Their value is not in the legend, but in the careful selection of the content.

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