New revolutionary brand «Light Vodka Vozduh»

The main feature of the new product is a mild taste, which is acquired through the original process of enriching the vodka with air during the production process. This is carried out in a specially created “whirlpool”, which imitates a water fall from a three-meter height into a blending vessel. Due to this technology, the aroma of the vodka becomes “mild” and the drink acquires a balanced and light taste.

The new product has been created for innovators, urban sophisticates and experimentalists who keep their finger on the pulse. The design is done in the vogue style of prom-design: the bottle, designed in the shape of an oxygen cylinder, an unusual cap in the form of a faucet, drafting typeface of the label – all this highlights exquisite smoothness and lightness of the new vodka.  

The company is setting ambitious goals of the new product market share and is planning to reach 10% of market volume by the end of 2016. 


«Light Vodka Vozduh» is produced in the most modern alcohol enterprise of Ukraine – LLC «National Vodka Company», which is located in Cherkasy Region and possesses the production capacity of 15 mln deciliters of distilled beverages a year. Specifically for the production of TM " Light Vodka Vozduh ," the company has been modernized and developed a unique vodka air saturation technology.

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