KOBLEVO wines have been presented at VinItaly-2016

The major wine forum in Europe – VinItaly-2016 – has recently taken place in Verona. Wine experts from all around the world were gathered here. More than 30 thousand people visited the 50th jubilee exhibition. The delegation of members of the European Parliament, headed by the president of Italy Sergio Mattarella and the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, were among the honoured guests. KOBLEVO was the only Ukrainian producer of still wine representing its products at VinItaly-2016.

VinItaly is the grand event, which unites winemakers, distributors, global facilities producers, journalists and wine admirers from all over the world. Within the framework of the exhibition the delegation from Bayadera Group had business meetings with the largest manufacturing, distributer and supplying companies – the market leader of winemaking facilities, Italian company Della Toffola, and the supplier of high-quality accessory equipment MB ASACH.

We would like to express special gratitude to Vladislav Janoušek for the hospitality and for arranging a very productive meeting with the company Janoušek S.p.A, in the course of which the participants on the both sides discussed new developments on the market and shared their impressions and experience. 

Besides, the market leader KOBLEVO was the only representative from Ukraine in the category of still wine at the exhibition this year. Three kinds of exclusive KOBLEVO RESERVE WINE series – «Cabernet», «Merlot», «Riesling» - were presented at the forum. The Ukrainian wines were awarded high scores by the influential experts of the winemaking industry, enologists, sommeliers and buyers from all around the world at the blind tasting. 


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