Thanks to the restyling, the new bottle became more refined and shone brighter! Now, having picked up your favorite vermouth, you will notice its similarity to the female silhouette.

The new design created together with international agencies Reynolds and Reyner and Lewis Moberly, retained all the important elements of the brand MARENGO, which have become more visible on the shelf and look modern, bright and impressive.

Designers perfected the elegant shape, making the upper part of the bottle rounded, which is associated with fragile women's shoulders. An important external difference from the previous style was a push-up at the bottom of the bottle, thanks to which it become more and more magnificent. This element of design of vermouths on the market of Ukraine is present only in vermouths MARENGO. In addition, the label has completely changed, it is made from metalized paper, which attracts the eye with its brilliance. Now it is decorated with a stylish logo, improved with exclusive fonts. The cap which adorned the emblem with gold foil on a blue color was also changed, which gives the product completeness, premium and status! While brand managers are developing a new style for the special tastes of SPECIAL and SEA BREEZE, you can appreciate the beauty of the renewed CLASSIC, ROSSO, MOJITO, and HAWAI dessert vermouth series.

Wavy waist, stylish font, and perfect shape - the new packaging is fully consistent with its stylish fans who meet, communicate and know how to enjoy life.

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