At the Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2016, KOZAK and XDAR were awarded 93 and 92 scores out of 100 – and this is the best result amongst Ukrainian vodkas.

In New York one of the most prestigious global tasting competitions – the Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2016, which defines the best alcohol brands - has recently come to a close.

Due to the fact that the most respected and experienced authorities in the industry provide credible results of beverage evaluation, the Ultimate Spirits Challenge is recognized one of the most authoritative in the world. The highest rated products are considered to be the elite of the industry, which the leading trade buyers and importers recognize and respond to.

The experts awarded the Ukrainian brands one of the highest citations of excellence: "Excellent. Highly Recommended". Kozak и XDar got the highest scores in product quality, leaving other popular Ukrainian vodkas far behind. Moreover, the brands were awarded with the experts’ special accolades and cocktail recommendations. 

In accordance with The Millionaires club rating results by Drinks International magazine, XDar is in the top three of the largest brands by volume alongside the global giants Smirnoff and Absolut. Kozak vodka symbolizes true Ukrainian traditions.

Kozak and XDar belong to the brands portfolio of Bayadera Group, which combines business assets in the alcohol industry – distribution companies and the company owned manufacturing locations. The company exports products to more than 45 countries.


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