This year, 400 tons of grapes were harvested per day - this is a record in Koblevo. In total, during September, Koblevsky winegrowers harvested more than 10,000 tons of grapes. About 70% of the crop was harvested selectively by hand for the production of high-quality wines

Summer 2019 was not very favorable for Ukrainian winegrowers - arid and hot without rain - atypical for the Black Sea coast. However, the advantage of the current harvest is not quantity, but quality: thanks to the dry season, the entire crop is fully ripe and this will have a good effect on the quality of the wine.

The chief winemaker of the Koblevo PJSC, Tatyana Matveeva: “The grapes took all the moisture from the soil, and the generous sun warmed it from the outside. The absence of rain influences the ripening of grapes and therefore we expect a special wine - rich, with distinct characteristics of the varieties, with fruity notes in aroma and taste. ”

In total this year, 10,500 tons of grapes were harvested in Koblevo, which is 16% less compared to last year's harvest. On an area of ​​more than 2000 hectares, 16 grape varieties of European varieties and local aboriginal varieties Odessa Black, Bastardo Magarachsky, Muscat Odessa are grown here. In Koblevo, grapes are harvested by hand - 270 workers were involved in the selective collection. Manual grape harvesting is used for Select and Reserve wine lines, in addition, part of the work is carried out at dawn so that the grapes do NOT heat up. Such a selection collection guarantees the quality of a selection of only the best grapes, affects the quality of the wine.

Now is the grape processing season. The wine created from it will ripen in the winery, and already starting in January 2020 will go on sale.

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