The Bayadera Group has introduced its first wholesales store, a wholesaler and wholesaler. Expansion of the network to 10 Wine Wine stores in Kyiv is planned within 3 years.

The most alcohol company of Ukraine has announced the launch of its own network of wine shops Wine Wine by Winehouse. In fact, this is the first attempt to launch a private retailer for an alcohol production and distribution company. For many years, the Bayadera Group has been a leader in the production and the largest importer of alcohol in Ukraine, so launching a chain of its own stores was a logical step in the company's development.

The business decision was made due to changes in consumer behavior in the market. Bayadera Group Development Director, Evgeny Shatalov: “In fact, we are introducing a state-of-the-art trading format that aims to change the habits and reasons for which they buy alcohol. We invite buyers to form high-quality alcohol at home, as is the case with products or household chemicals. That is, do not buy one bottle before dinner several times a week, and at least 6 bottles at a reasonable price. And Ukrainian consumers are already ready for it: this is evidenced by, for example, successful promotions of "1 + 1" or case sales of wine. "

Wholesale offers and the creation of home stocks are encouraged by the price offers of the store. The discount on the purchase of any 6 or more items of goods can sometimes reach 30%. A potential B2B segment is also potentially a B2B segment, but the lion's share will be end-users.

Yevgeny Shatalov notes: “A feature that distinguishes Wine Wine by Winehouse from its competitors is the“ effective approach ”to the choice of wine and strong alcohol range. On the shelves are collected 350 positions of exclusive and popular in the wine market, so everyone will find an option for themselves and for any event without spending a lot of time. With strong drinks, we give preference to brands that have long earned the respect of consumers. "

The next stage will be the development of the Wine Wine educational program. A tasting room and a wine bar will soon start operating on the premises. Meetings with sommeliers and winemakers from all over the world will be held here.

The company is now preparing to launch an online store and delivery service. And within 3 years, they plan to open up to 10 such objects in the capital, and only then to create a network in millionaire cities.

The store is open from 11.00 - 21.00 in Predslavinska Street, 47

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