KOBLEVO WINE - a light wine for every day that will make any moment of life bright. He does not need a special occasion - this is the wine for life, and not for celebrations. Updated KOBLEVO wine creates new rules - now enjoying life is simple and easy. You can relax alone or relish with friends, drink when bored and when fun, at home and on a picnic, with a cake or trout! NEW KOBLEVO WINE relieves stereotypes and allows you to hear your desires!

Over the decades of its presence on the market, the brand has revised the concept of KOBLEVO wines in accordance with world trends. Everything has changed - from growing vines to production technology. The new improved formulation gives a pleasant taste and aroma.

As part of the rebranding, we updated the logo and visual identity, changed visual accents and created a new unified style. The creative concept for wines KOBLEVO was developed by the popular agency Fedorov. As conceived by the creators, the new appearance will allow you to look into the essence of the process of creating wine - to see its fantastic vibrant "molecules". These unique mysterious dancing figures attract into the world of feelings and invite you to spin in the fiery dance of life, and the textured application of varnish allows you to feel the brand's love to the touch. Now the bottles look luxurious and elegant, and new bright labels will help you quickly find your favorite brand among others.

The concise and modern design of KOBLEVO will become even closer for fans who choose comfort and know how to enjoy life, because you can if you want!

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