For the first time in history on the label of the legendary German liquor – Ukraine. On the first «Ukrainian» label - sign symbols of cities and regions of Ukraine. Some are impress by their power and strength, others by their mystery and unknown. In the new design, the brand united the country: from the majestic Carpathian Mountains to the Vorontsov lighthouse in rough waters of the Black Sea. Among the iconic elements on the label are: quaint Merefo-Kherson Bridge, links the two shores of the Dnipro, and the Kiev monument to Hetman Bogdan Khmelnytsky - as a symbol of bravery. The ribbon weaving factory on Nyzhnoyurkivska Street in Kyiv is the place of origin of the culture of night life, which the brand professes. Jägermeister shares the determination of Ukrainians on the way to their own desires, mastery of their business, freedom-loving representatives of the local underground scene. These characteristics are inherent in the generation that tirelessly creates today's Ukraine. Independent! It's time to start our celebration with the Jägermeister ice shot.

Jagermeister KV Ice

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