Svyatoslav Nechitailo’s company continues to grow Diageo in Ukraine


Sales growth by 21.3% was possible thanks to the exclusive distribution of Diageo brands in Ukraine by the alcohol holding company Bayadera Group, which belongs to Svyatoslav Nechitailo.

According to accounting data of IWSR for 2016, released in June this year, the growth in sales of all Diageo products (Johnnie Walker, Captain Morgan, White Horse, Baileys, Sheridan's, etc.) was recorded as 21.3% in comparison with last year. It should be noted that some brands of the world's largest producer of alcohol remain the unchallenged leaders in their categories. Thus, growth in the category of rum, the brand Captain Morgan - by 88.17%, allowed him to once again keep the lead. This is an absolute record for the 10 years. 

Let us recall that Diageo is the largest international company, whose alcoholic products are sold in more than 180 countries. The company's shares are listed in the New York (DEO) and London (DGE) stock exchanges.

The largest alcohol holding of the country "Bayadera Group" continues to confirm the status of the leader among importing companies. Following the results of 2016 the company takes the first place in import of cognacs, champagne, Scotch whiskey, rum, liqueurs, and tequila.


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