In a world where coffee has become a religion: coffee to wake up, coffee for lunch and romantic coffee in the evening Jägermeister gave a second life to your favorite drink - now you can enjoy it day and night through the explosive mix shot of Jägermeister Cold Brew. Now you can refresh and cheer up not only at the beginning of the party but also after it.

Jägermeister is the No. 1 herbal liqueur in the world and Ukraine, created in Germany from 56 natural ingredients. Drink tincture ice shots, Ice Cold Shot.

Nowadays COLD BREW coffee consumption culture is actively spreading all over the planet. This coffee is brewed with cold water, prepared from 8 to 24 hours, which gives a very tasty coffee concentrate, and in combination with Jägermeister, which is filled with spices and chocolate, a special composition appears that turns it into a real energetic.

To create an incredible icy aroma of cold mix-shot, Jägermeister used high-quality coffee Gemini Espresso.

To fully experience the richness of the COLD BREW COFFEE mix-shot taste, use it chilled, -18 is the ideal temperature, so the drink is served at events, pouring it through a special tap machine.

Jagermeister has already proved that it is a trendsetter of bar culture confidently anticipating future trends. Allow yourself to plunge into the game with the subtleties of various sorts of coffee and the best alcohol to discover new facets of taste. Jägermeister COLD BREW COFFEE

That is why the brand is a new cool mix-shot COLD BREW COFFEE.

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