The history of cognac dates back hundreds of years ...

But we have our own story, which totals 90 seconds - 2160 frames of the commercial for KOBLEVO cognac! And in each frame, we tried to change the brandy advertising beyond recognition.

Enough, stop hiding cognac for the feast and feast! Give freedom to this drink, let it give its aroma and warmth to bright beach parties, warm lovers on the roof of the house, do incredible dances in night clubs.

We are changing! We don’t want to be like 50 years ago, we need phones with flexible screens! That is why we have bent, arched, melted cognac perception!

This is a manifesto without words. Now cognac is not 50 grams for the old actor of the Youth Theater, who plays half the life of a cat. Now brandy is for exquisite young or young who are free. Down with bras and ties! Classic only waiters - they are unchanged, a constant style! Pour cognac, pour more! Turn the present into a kaleidoscope.

Scratch on the tambourine, the minion of fate!

Used to drink cognac, isn’t it? Change the habit, Bezos became the richest man on earth when he was over 50! No, we do not promise that you will become a billionaire, but we are ready to help you create a new mood a billion times!


Have you reached the age of majority?