CHAMPION!!! HLIBNY DAR entered the TOP-5 vodkas of The Vodka List 2022 The Millionaires Club rating of DRINKS INTERNATIONAL authoritative publication and took 5th place.

Drinks International is a global registry for the alcoholic beverage industry, providing analysis, expert commentary and research on the global consumption of alcoholic brands.

The Millionaires' Club is a rating of the best-selling brands in the global alcohol industry according to Drinks International. To qualify, brands must achieve global sales of 1 million 9-litre beverage cases or more.

HLIBNY DAR is a Ukrainian vodka that symbolizes and supports such eternal values as family, friends, relatives and national traditions. Born in Ukraine, it is made from grain grown in black soil and warmed by the sun. Vodka is produced using a unique technology of mixing Lux-class alcohol and artesian water. HLIBNY DAR is a vodka that perfectly combines mild taste, light aroma and forty-degree strength!

Another world recognition is our small victory! We are proud of our team of the best! HLIBNY DAR – where your Home is. Ukraine is our Home and victory will be ours!

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