The FIRST Guild brand has updated the design of the entire line of premium vodkas! Now the drink is even softer and more harmonious inside and strong and unbent from the outside! The new design created together with the recognized advertising agency Claessens International (London), retaining all the important features of the FIRST Guild brand, which now look more modern and stylish. As part of the rebranding, we changed the logo of the bottle, which has become more expressive and looks more impressive on textured labels. They also changed the cap, now it is decorated with a unique ornament. The new identity of the label impresses with an exquisite combination of colors, and the Updated emblem resembles an aristocratic precious collection engraving.

A new approach to product visualization will allow the FIRST GUILD brand to show the image of real elite vodka, inherited centuries-old production technologies that give perfect taste and soft aroma. FIRST GUILD - an elite alcoholic beverage made from Lux alcohol using natural ingredients and pure artesian water. The basis of the product is composed of the highest quality ingredients, the painstaking work of the craftsmen, their close attention to every detail and continuous monitoring of production. TM FIRST GUILD was created for those who set high goals and do not stop.


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