Bayadera Group has bought out trademark «Frenchman»

Bayadera Group holding has bought out trademark «Frenchman» and started bottling top-quality brandy.  The updated product has already hit the shelves. The company is planning to occupy 10 % of the market. 

Bayadera Group, the company leader of the Ukrainian alcohol market, has added to the variety of its brands and has started producing top-quality vintage brandy  «Frenchman». The trademark was bought out from the Private Joint Stock Company «Odessavinprom» at the end of 2015. Ukrainians have been able to buy «Frenchman» VS since January, and in February the brandy with the marking VSOP is going to come into the market.   

As of today, brandy «Frenchman» VS is being produced in the volume of 500 ml and 250 ml. The retail selling shelf price for 500 ml is UAH 109.90. In the spring the company is planning to produce «Frenchman» vintage brandy of seven- and ten-year aging period. 

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