BAYADERA GROUP, despite the stoppage of business processes, supports the country and the army!

More than a month there is a war in Ukraine. During this time, domestic business has lost more than during two years of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the fighting in the country continues, it is difficult to assess the damage, but it is already clear that the losses for the country's producers and economy are enormous. The National Bank estimated the losses of the Ukrainian economy - 50% of "non-produced" GDP, and according to the IMF, the losses of Ukraine due to the Russian military invasion amount to more than 35% of GDP.

Today, it is extremely important to support the vital activity of the country's economy, because the victory and future of Ukraine also depend on the responsibility of business.

At present, BAYADERA GROUP is making every effort to operate its business and export products abroad. In particular, in the first days of the Russian invasion, the holding transferred UAH 5,000,000 for the maintenance of the army; in addition, the company urgently paid taxes to the state treasury in the amount of UAH 14,300,000.

At the beginning of March, the management of the holding and the shareholders of Bayadera Group decided to support the AFU in the amount of 2% of the sales volume of the company's products.

A separate front of the struggle is an information and economic blockade, in the key of which the entire civilized world has united against the invasion of the occupying forces into the territory of Ukraine. At the beginning of the entry of the Russian army into the northern territory of the country, the Bayadera Group holding decided to cancel the license for the production of HLIBNY DAR vodka in Belarus.

Today, our strength is in unity, despite the fact that now the company's employees are located throughout Ukraine and abroad. We do what we can, and where we are now. Together to victory!

 Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the AFU!



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