The Family Nechitailo Foundation one of the best organizations of Ukraine

In May, the Family Foundation of Svyatoslav Nechitailo became a full member of the Ukrainian philanthropic forum. And the second time it will take part in the National Rating of philanthropists.


"Bread Half" is needed by the market. Vodka democracy in practice

Just a couple of months ago an unusual product appeared on the conservative Ukrainian vodka market - the "Khlibna Polovinka". Such a democratic name and, in a literal sense, a democratic strength by the European vodka standard - 37.5%, combined with a fair price, according to the...


Summary Spirits Navigator Tasting chose best vodka

Several brands of "Bayadera Group" received high marks based on the results of the Summary Spirits Navigator Tasting, which was organized by the profile information resource "Vodka Editor".


BAROMETER International Bar Show 2016

In Kiev, a grandiose bar festival BAROMETER was held, in which the brands, that are part of the Bayadera Group import portfolio, took part. 15.11.2016

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