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The push-and-pull strategy of Bayadera Group in the USA is oriented to dynamic development of key brands: Marengo sparkling wine and vermouths, KOBLEVO wines, Kozak and XDar vodkas. The possibility to export our brands to the USA is the result of lengthy negotiations with American professionals and their acknowledgement of the high quality of our products, which is verified by numerous certificates and awards. In the near future the company is planning to launch its exclusive brands at the American market. The globalization of the business on the continent is also among our next steps.
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Brands represented in the region

KOZAK  export  product of  TM Kozatska Rada (Ukraine), made exclusively for overseas markets. KOZAK is the nobility of the Cossacks’ spirit itself. It is a heroic message from the glorious past to lion-hearted, determined, steadfast descendants – real Cossacks. It is for those, who are able to stand up for their own dignity. And they are Cossacks who have a flair for hosting really friendly banquettes for undoubtedly tough men, where the brand KOZAK will be the main drink on the table. 

KOZAK Крепость 40%Объем 0,375л; 1л

KOZAK Alcohol 40%
Volume 0,375; 1,0

Exquisite Marengo sparkling wine  doesn’t need any special occasions.  Where Marengo there is a bright mood or festive celebration. A special feature of Marengo sparkling wines is a balanced refreshing smooth taste and a delicate floral aroma that is reached by Muscat grapes. 

SEMI-SWEET Объем 0,75л; Крепость 10-13,5%

SEMI-SWEET Volume 0,75;
Alcohol 10-13,5%

SEMI-DRY Объем 0,75л; Крепость 10-13,5%

SEMI-DRY Volume 0,75;
Alcohol 10-13,5%

BRUT Объем 0,75л; Крепость 10-13,5%

BRUT Volume 0,75;
Alcohol 10-13,5%

ROSE Объем 0,75л; Крепость 10-13,5%

ROSE Volume 0,75;
Alcohol 10-13,5%

XDar  export product of TM Hlibniy Dar (Ukraine), made exclusively for overseas markets. XDar is one of the most popular vodkas in the world. According to The Millionaires’ Club  Drinks International ranking of the biggest selling brands in the global spirits industry - XDar is in the top 3 alongside such Major Players as Smirnoff and Absolut. For more than 10 years in a row, XDar has been the symbol of unalterably high quality and real values of life: love for the Motherland and loyalty to its traditions, respectful attitude to people and their labour. 

Wheat Крепость 40%Объем 0,1л; 0,2л; 0,375л; 0,75л; 1л; 1,75л

Wheat Alcohol 40%
Volume 0,1; 0,2; 0,375; 0,75; 1; 1,75

Rye Крепость 40 %Объем 0,75л; 1л

Rye Alcohol 40%
Volume 0,75;1,0

Barley Крепость 40%Объем 0,75л; 1л

Barley Alcohol 40%
Volume 0,75;1,0

KOBLEVO wine is classic European traditions and unique generosity of the Ukrainian soil in itself. The terroir of KOBLEVO vineyards – the mild climate, closeness to the sea and the best possible number of sunny days a year – allows to grow the perfect grapes. Thus, KOBLEVO is the top quality wine, which will suit the taste of even the most sophisticated global wine experts. 

Reserve Wine Cabernet сухое красное Крепость 12,5%Объем 0,75 л

Reserve Wine Cabernet dry red Alcohol 12,5%
Volume 0,75

Reserve Wine Merlot сухое красное Крепость 12%Объем 0,75 л

Reserve Wine Merlot dry red Alcohol 12%
Volume 0,75

Reserve Wine Riesling сухое белое Крепость 12%Объем 0,75 л

Reserve Wine Riesling dry white Alcohol 12%
Volume 0,75

Reserve Wine Traminer сухое белое Крепость 12%Объем 0,75 л

Reserve Wine Traminer dry white Alcohol 12%
Volume 0,75

Reserve Wine Chardonnay сухое белое Крепость 12,5%Объем 0,75 л

Reserve Wine Chardonnay dry white Alcohol 12,5%
Volume 0,75

Reserve Wine Muscat Royal красное десертное Крепость 16%Объем 0,75л

Reserve Wine Muscat Royal dessert red Alcohol 16%
Volume 0,75

Reserve Wine Kagor красное десертное Крепость 16%Объем 0,75 л

Reserve Wine Kagor dessert red Alcohol 16%
Volume 0,75

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