Mission and value

Our mission - the development of your favorite brands

We - the company is a leader and a team of good people, which creates and develops favorite brands worldwide. The success of the company sees, above all, in others, highly appreciating the professional quality, dedication and integrity of the company.

Our value


People - priority №1 in Bayadere Group. We are for fair relations in the team, the maximum assistance to each other and mutual assistance, mentoring for sharing common goals.


We respect every person and strive to allow the development and display their best qualities for growth, as the company as a whole, and each employee in particular. The company has all the conditions for the expansion of the boundaries of their own capabilities, realize their talents, as well as the right to independent decision-making in order to achieve common goals.

Honesty and business ethics

We appreciate the company's reputation, which is based on long-term honest relationship with partners and customers, and therefore always meet in full its commitments, improve the efficiency of partner activities and advocate for social responsibility of business.


Globality. We build ambitious plans for the globalization of our business and do our best to attend the 5 continents with our products.

Decent income

We guarantee our employees a stable salary, comfortable working conditions and constant motivation.

Brands who love

We have invested a lot of effort to create a truly high-quality products at a fair price and proud confidence that exists in the market for our brands.


We appreciate the true experts in their fields. In all the positions we work really top-class professionals, who continue to grow and learn in a company.

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