History of company

  • 1991
    Foundation of the company Bayadera Group
  • On its way to success
    • Development of the largest distribution system
    • Effective execution of popular Ukrainian and foreign distributed brands
    • Opening of 6 affiliated branches in the Ukrainian regions of strategic importance
  • 2002
    Fateful year
    • Securing its status as the strongest player in the distribution system of Ukraine
    • Making a decision to produce its own trademarks
  • Birth of the leaders
    • Creation of the strongest brand of vodka Khlibnyi Dar, which is still the company’s brand identity. All the values which characterize the company Bayadera Group themselves are also the fundamentals of this brand – honesty, transparency and justice!
    • KOBLEVO wines selection renewal: creation of new tastes and re-design
  • 2003-2005
    Team’s Success
    • Brand portfolio extension with the company’s own brands such as Kozatska Rada and First Guild, the creation of TM Celsius
    • Modernization of the Koblevo winery – a large-scale increase of capacity, installation of advanced factory facilities of the leading international companies
    • Placement into service of the most advanced manufacturer of alcoholic beverages – National Vodka Company
    • Development of the import, making a contract with the worldwide alcoholic beverages leader Diageo
  • Leadership Strategy
    • Bayadera Group is the leader in all the categories of alcoholic beverages: vodka, wine, vermouth
    • Khilbnyi Dar is the vodka №3 in the world as reported by Drinks International worldwide rating
    • Marengo is the vermouth № 1 in Ukraine
    • KOBLEVO is the wine № 1 in Ukraine
    • Development of the import - making contracts with the global leading producers of alcoholic beverages
    • Export stretching up to 20 countries
  • 2010-2014
    Stable Upturn
    • Holding the leadership in all alcoholic categories
    • Development, modernization and computerization of the distribution in Ukraine
    • 30 distributional representational offices work in all the regions of Ukraine
    • Export stretching up to 35 countries
    • Making contracts with the largest foreign partners: Remy Cointreau, Moet Hennesy
  • Globalization of the Company
    • Bayadera Group confirms its status of the largest alcoholic holding company in Eastern Europe
    • The new production at Nikolaev Cognac Distillery was started
    • The production of KOBLEVO cognac was started
    • The new product – champagne under the TM Marengo – was launched
    • The company started bottling imported wines under own brands: Cartaval from Chile, TM KENGOO from Australia
    • Private label of rum and gin was launched
  • 2016-2017
    Modernization of production
    • Renewal of the wine shop tank - 40 new tanks for 149 thousand decaliters
    • Work on new recipes for TM MARENGO
  • Development of the integration of the company's brands on the Internet
    • Creation of Internet accounts for social networks, sites for national and import brands
    • Creation of a single universal brand with international name Latin - HLIBNY DAR
    • Redesign of the KOBLEVO wine line
  • 2019
    Tapping new export markets
    • Development of the export direction – extensions of the export map to 45 countries
    • Deliveries of vodka HARVEST DAY, KOZAK to Tanzania, Uganda and Eritrea.
    • Export of national brands to Africa, China and Asia
    • Start WINE_WINE Wholesale Network
  • Market leadership
    • Introduction to the market of new tastes in the KOBLEVO cognacs line
    • Bottling of own products in Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan
    • Production of own brands in Turkey
  • 2021
    • Launch of an e-commerce platform for the B2B sector
    • Creation of the corn vodka NIKITA
    • Redesign of many product lines and creation of new flavours in the wine and cognac categories KOBLEVO
    • Relaunch MARENGO product range: vermouth and sparkling wines
    • 30th anniversary of the Company and Independence of Ukraine - limited edition collections
  • The year of unbreakability
    • Revocation of the license to produce HLIBNY DAR vodka in Belarus
    • The undisputed leader in the vodka category with a market share of 34.5%
    • Top two Ukrainian vodka exporters with a market share of 23% in the vodka category
    • Market share in the vermouth category is 42%
    • Launch of patriotic product lines in all categories
    • Launch of MARENGO Italian Sparkling series
    • Launch of the online store www.bayadera.ua
    • European representative office of BAYADERA POLAND was opened
    • More than UAH 3.4 billion of taxes were paid to the state budget from 24.02.22 to 23.02.23
    • Assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine amounted to UAH 24.4 million for the year

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