Fresh Shot

Fresh Shot. Mix your life.

Mix life - mix tastes.

New international brand Fresh Shot opens category of light fruit spirits.

Light fruit flavors are revealed in a pure form with ice and become a bright start of any party. According to the trend of cocktail culture brand offers original author's cocktails recipes featured on the product label.

Cranberry, Lime & Mint, Melon, Grapefruit, White Tea - What is your taste?

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Cranberry  Объем 0,5 л; Крепость 28%

Cranberry Volume 0,5 l;
Alcohol 28%

Melon  Объем 0,5 л;Крепость 28%

Melon Volume 0,5 l;
Alcohol 28%

Lime&Mint  Объем 0,5 л;Крепость 28%

Lime&Mint Volume 0,5 l;
Alcohol 28%

Grapefruit  Объем 0,5 л;Крепость 28%

Grapefruit Volume 0,5 l;
Alcohol 28%

White Tea  Объем 0,5 л;Крепость 37,5%

White Tea Volume 0,5 l;
Alcohol 37,5%

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