ТМ Latinium is a famous wine in a blue bottle of the most popular German grape varieties: Riesling and Gewurztraminer.

In the lineup of the brand, besides the quiet ones, light and refreshing semi-sweet and semi-dry sparkling wines with fruit and floral shades in aroma and delicately balanced taste are also presented.

Latinium is also great as an aperitif, and in combination with light meals, both for partying and for a romantic date.

Latinium - the azure evening is provided.


Latinium Gewurztraminer  Объем 0,75 л.

Latinium Gewurztraminer
Volume 0,75 l.

Latinium  Riesling  Объем 0,75 л.

Latinium Riesling
Volume 0,75 l.

Latinium  Liebfraumilch  Объем 0,75 л.

Latinium Liebfraumilch
Volume 0,75 l.

Latinium  Pinot Noir Dornfelder  Объем 0,75 л.

Latinium Pinot Noir Dornfelder
Volume 0,75 l.

Latinium  Breeze  Объем 0,75 л.

Latinium Breeze
Volume 0,75 l.

Latinium  Sparklig  Объем 0,2; 0,75 л.

Latinium Sparklig
Volume 0,2; 0,75 l.

Latinium  Сувенирная упаковка  Объем 0,75 л.

Volume 0,75 l.

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