Antica Grapperia Montanaro


Antica Grapperia Montanaro is a Montanaro Vermouth Production Company that is located in the Alba Piedmont region, one of the best wine regions in Italy. The main product of the producer is grappa. Each season, Montanaro distills single-varietal grappas from the best grape varieties.

Francesco Trussoni, one of the pioneering grappa alchemists, founded the company in 1885. He had a brilliant idea to create Grappa di Barolo, the first single grape Grappa in history.

In 1922, Mario Montanaro and his wife Angela Trussoni took over the company.

With their son Giuseppe Montanaro, they improved the production processes by adopting steam alembic and inherited a rigorous method that used a precious experience and influence of the Alba wine school.

Over the course of a century, this has led to a kind of indispensable 'ecosystem' where Montanaro spirits have become the most exquisite emblems of the values associated with the lucky territory called Langa, encompassing various historical and cultural aspects.


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