Legend of Armenia


The Legend of Armenia cognac is produced using classical technology and has a balanced taste with a touch of chocolate and vanilla. The grapes for this cognac are grown exclusively in the Ararat Valley, on the Ararat Cognac Factory's own land. For cognac production, such grape varieties as Rkatsiteli, Mskhali and Kangun are used. The climate of the Ararat Valley has a characteristic influence on the taste of the Armenian Legend cognac: very hot summers replace cold, frosty winters. Such temperature changes have a beneficial effect on the taste of cognac spirits, and the cognac acquires a special softness. The taste of Legend of Armenia is very deep and soft, with hints of flowers, vanilla, chocolate and fruit. After the first sip, you will feel not only the versatility of the taste but also a warm, long aftertaste with spicy tart notes. It is better to serve cognac at the end of the meal, as a digestif. It will perfectly match the dessert table, as well as fruit and cheese


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