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BAYADERA GROUP - провідний виробник алкогольних напоїв в Україні, відомий високою якістю.
    National Vodka Company
    National Vodka Company in Cherkassy region is one of the leading production companies in the industry of production and realization of vodka and other alcoholic beverages.
    Advantages of NVC
    • The largest water reserves in UkraineThe modern high-tech enterprise was built in 2005 in Cherkassy region, where the largest reserves of fresh and mineral waters in Ukraine are concentrated.

    • Favorable climatic conditions.Favorable climatic conditions. More than 100 author's recipes of distillery products. Innovative developments of production are protected in the intellectual field, the plant owns 18 patents.

    • High capacity of the plantThe capacity of the plant allows producing more than 150 million bottles per year.

    • Modern equipmentThe plant is equipped with innovative equipment from world leaders from Italy and France: Ital Project, Accadueo Impianti, DeLonghi, Sigma, CLIMAVENETA and others.

    • Natural ingredientsThe use of more than 40 types of natural ingredients allows us to create unique own aromatic alcohols, which give vodka a distinctive taste and aroma.

    • Own laboratoryOur own laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, which allows us to control the quality of our products at all stages of production.

    • A certified enterpriseThe enterprise has international quality certificates of alcoholic beverages production ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005.

    • A large teamA large team of employees "NVC" is a budget-forming enterprise in Cherkassy region and provides jobs for about 600 people.

    • A Magnet of prestigious awards187 national and international prestigious awards: 46 diplomas, 114 gold, silver and bronze medals, 12 top awards - quality stars and 15 Grand Prix of tasting competitions from all over the world.

    The Company of the Future
    We are a large vodka producer and distributor, which has a significant influence not only in Ukraine, but also on the international market.
    Photo gallery of our enterprise National Vodka Company BAYDERA GROUP in Cherkassy region.
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