Brand KOBLEVO presents a new image of cognacs VS and VSOP of the RESERVE line!

The best French designers worked on the bottle and label design.

After all, they understand the cognac production best of all and understand the perfection and character of this royal drink.

Smooth lines of the bottle demonstrate the "bulk" taste of brandy. And the shape of the label resembles the traditional military uniform of Thomas Koble - the founder of the Koblevo region. The red logo element is a reminder of the red ribbon on the solemn form the Graph.

An enormous amount of work was carried out, on the one hand, by plant technologists to perfect the blends of the RESERVE line, and on the other hand, by the marketing department to create perfect lines for a new image of our product.

Traditionally, cognac has a mild exquisite taste - due to the complex blend of brandy spirits aged in oak barrels. Old alcohols of 6 and 7-year aging add a special blend note, therefore V.S. (Very Special) - very special, V.S.O.P. (Very Superior Old Pale) - extraordinary, seasoned cognac.

The multi-faceted bouquet of the drink conquers with hints of oak, white flowers and vanilla.

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