Consumers choose it and recommend it!

Cahors KOBLEVO Ukrainian recognized as the best in Ukraine! Both professional sommeliers and most Ukrainians agree in high marks.

An integral attribute of the festive Easter table, besides Easter cakes and dishes of Ukrainian cuisine, is Cahors. The creation of Cahors is a special process that has its own secrets of winemaking.

A characteristic feature of this Cahors is its dark ruby ​​color. In the production of wine, crushed grapes must be heated at a temperature of 60-70 ° C and kept for about a day. Due to this, a full, velvety, dense and very rich taste with tones of prunes and chocolate appears.

According to a study by the All-Ukrainian Analytical Center, the most popular among consumers is precisely Cahors KOBLEVO Ukrainian - he received a gold star of quality. The KOBLEVO brand has entered the register of the best suppliers of goods and services and is ideally suited to the celebration of Easter.

The special production technology used by KOBLEVO winemakers provides a special rich taste and harmonious aroma.

Taste qualities were also evaluated by professional experts from the Sommelier Association. Undoubtedly, Ukrainian soils near the Black Sea are perfectly suited for growing red grape varieties. The berry is gaining the maximum amount of natural sugar and substances that give the Cahors the necessary saturation, bright taste, and aroma. Traditionally, every year by Easter, the Sommelier Association of Ukraine tests the most popular Cahors. Blindly evaluate the popular items that are sold specifically for the holiday. “Especially rich taste and aroma of Cahors Ukrainian KOBLEVO”, - said the chairman of the association Ivan Bachurin. “This is a classic Cahors with intense ruby ​​color, a complex aroma of dried fruits and prunes.

It has a velvety taste and perfectly complements the Easter table. ” Sommeliers recommend opening a bottle of Cahors 20 minutes before drinking - this is how the aroma of wine will manifest itself in all its glory. Look for Cahors KOBLEVO Ukrainian in an updated design in supermarkets or order online

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