The Bayadere Group vodka brands - HLIBNY DAR and RADA received awards from Warsaw Spirits Competition, Poland's largest tasting competition. The status of the best vodka confirms its successful export.

“3 gold medals” for the unique mild taste and the highest quality received vodka “HLIBNY DAR classic”, “HLIBNY DAR ginger-honey” and “RADA Respect”.

Among the participants were countries: Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Bulgaria, France, Italy, Spain, Scotland, Czech Republic, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Georgia, USA, Mexico, Japan, Jamaica, Columbia, and others.

The level of samples sent was very high. All alcohols were evaluated “blindly” according to the following criteria: aroma (30 points), taste (30), ending (30) and overall impression (10), including elements such as harmony and innovation, that is, even contrasting tastes and aromas can get high marks if they are interesting and innovative. Brands with a total mark of at least 80/100 points received gold medals

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