The most popular Ukrainian sparkling wine of the 2017 year continues to amaze consumers and presents a winter limited collection. Buyers will be surprised this year! MARENGO holiday packages really stand out and inspire you to fall into a glamorous party.


Especially for the New Year holidays, the MARENGO brand launched the Winter Limited Edition for two beloved products Semi-Sweet and Moscato. From now the MARENGO sparkling wine will be even more recognizable with the unique bottles in gold and white colors.


MARENGO Semi-Sweet Gold is a unique drink in a gold bottle, developed in collaboration with European designers. Based on a classic white sparkling wine with iconic nutmeg tones. MARENGO Semi-Sweet gives the feeling of sun in every sip. The effect is created by the grapes, which absorbs the sun's heat throughout the year and keeps it in the drink. That’s why we chose a gold color for the limited MARENGO Semi-Sweet.


MARENGO Moscato Snow White in a package of white color will give a fresh and sweetish muscat taste. This position is rightly called light alcohol for a true ladies because of its nutmeg, spherical aroma with slightly vanilla notes and delicate silky taste.


Winter Limited Edition Marengo Sparkling collection released on the eve of the holiday season, gifts and surprises and is already available in retail networks.


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