The leading BAROMETER festival in the field of bar culture of Ukraine was held in Kiev. Brands from the Bayadera Group import portfolio participated in this annual event. Koskenkorva - vodka from a Finnish village was presented for the first time in Ukraine.

All over the world, simple and honest products are gaining popularity, which, without any extra marketing investments, comes out on top due to high quality. New vodka in the portfolio of import brands of Bayadera Group will take a completely new niche - premium products from Finland. Vodka Koskenkorva received its name from the eponymous village of Koskenkorva in Finland, where it has been produced since 1953. In the village of Koskenkorva, only 2,100 people live, most of whom are farmers in several generations who grow barley for the production of Koskenkorva.This barley is one of a kind: specially selected varieties that are resistant to the harsh Finnish climate, allow it to be called the most northern barley in the world.

Vodka Koskenkorva is currently available in more than 30 countries. USA, Germany, Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland, Spain, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom are among them. The Koskenkorva brand received a large number of awards for excellent taste and unsurpassed quality. Only in 2018, The Spirits Business awarded Koskenkorva several medals in Vodka Masters 2018 (part of The Global Spirits Masters competition, organized by The Spirits Business magazine, which is one of the most famous contests in the world).


In Ukraine, Koskenkorva will be available for sale in November.





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