Drink from Greece

The most famous Greek drink - METAXA has been known for many decades and is distinguished by the most famous Greek spirit in the world. METAXA is a special Greek spirit, invented by a silk merchant named Spiros Metaxas in 1888. Since it is sold all over the world, this drink is often mistaken for brandy, although in reality everything is much more complicated.

METAXA is made from three varieties of grapes, double-distilled, which is combined with old muscat wine from Samos Island, mixed with a secret set of infusions of plants, and then aged in oak barrels from a limousine.


In the global market, Metaxa is usually available in three versions: Three Star, Five Star and Seven Star. Each star represents the year when the drink hit the oak barrel. There is no difference in terms of quality and production process between different Metaxa products. As in every family, age is the only unusual characteristic. In the Metaxa family, the youngest is 3 *, and the oldest crop is the 20-year-old.


Celebrating 130 years since its inception, METAXA sets off on a new journey in collaboration with the top Athens bar The Clumsies. Starting in the summer of 2018, this 360 ° campaign will be released globally in all METAXA markets.

The new company METAXA will appeal to hedonists and researchers, since it draws a parallel between the METAXA tasting and the “exploration” of the world. The focus is on sensory travel, which METAXA offers you: a unique taste, amazing sensations that you feel when you drink METAXA.

The study was at the center of work. Therefore, three researchers who inspire were invited:

  • traveler Mike Horn, who is now making the transition from the South to the North Pole
  • freediver Guillaume Neri, who made the deepest dive
  • athlete Laura Bingam, who rode all continents by bike.

Turning to the researcher in each, METAXA allows you to create a new experience:

Do not drink, explore.


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