The largest producer of alcohol in Ukraine and one of the main exporters of domestic vodka in the world, the Bayadera Group is starting deliveries to Canada. The Ontario Liquor Control Chamber (LCBO) has made an official order for the trademarks HLIBNY DAR, HLIBNY DAR Craft, KOZAK, RADA.

  The Canadian market is not the one the most difficult, but also one of the most promising for domestic companies - there is practically the largest diaspora of Ukrainians in the world - about 1.5 million people who are ready to become loyal consumers of goods from Ukraine. Canada is in the top 10 of the world's largest importing and vodka consumer countries. Moreover, despite the global trend of reducing the share of imported vodka in most countries due to an increase in domestic production, in Canada in the past year, the volume of vodka imports increased by 5%.

  The right to sell alcohol in Canada belongs to the state, because the procedure for monitoring and obtaining permits is particularly complicated. The LCBO is an organization authorized to control and sell alcohol in Ontario, the most populous province in Canada, and it is the world's largest alcohol purchaser, purchasing more than $ 5 billion annually. More than 13 million people live here - 40% of the country's population. The contract for the supply of products Bayadera Group concluded with the company CAALCO DISTRIBUTORS CORPORATION - one of the fastest growing distributors of alcohol in Canada. The first export delivery is scheduled for September.

  “The opening of the Canadian market for us is a huge credit of trust from our Canadian partners. There, vodka remains the most popular alcoholic beverage with a share of about 20%, with annual sales of more than 1.3 billion Canadian dollars. It is logical that this is a large and promising market, and we have long gone to becoming its full participant”, says Konstantin Pilipchuk, director of export sales for Bayadera Group.

  “It is a great honor for us to represent the Bayadera Group of companies in the Canadian market,” said the founder of Caalco Disributors Corp. Yuri Baranov. “Unfortunately, not all manufacturers outside of North America are aware that it is here that 70% of the world market for export vodka is concentrated in monetary terms. We very quickly found the right shape as the best brands of the company to present in Canada. I am convinced that after the first delivery there will be a rapid expansion of the volumes and geography of sales of the Bayadera Group”.

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