The long-awaited May holidays are an ideal time for outdoor recreation and picnics in nature. Being selected by cheerful companies out of town, someone celebrates Labor Day with a shock rest, someone happily opens the summer season, and someone - from the heart enjoys communicating with nature and warm sunny weather. Traditionally, an integral part of the holiday, are festive meals and drinks.

Meat and fish dishes, vegetable salads and friendly company are invariable attributes of Ukrainians in the first, really warm days.

According to the analytical agency RTRI, it is precisely these days among strong alcohol that most Ukrainians choose vodka HLIBNY DAR in traditional retail.

This is the only Ukrainian vodka that confirms its softness, patented by the production technology, the patent number of which is indicated on the counter label.

Therefore, HLIBNY DAR will be the perfect complement to a festive table, picnic or outdoor recreation.

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