Groupe Castel, the largest French wine producer, granted the rights to distribute the Maison Castel line in Ukraine to the Bayadera Group. Since October, 7 positions of wine, which bears the name of the founders of the dynasty of Castel are available.

Today Groupe Castel is the №1 wine producer in France and in Europe. Founded in 1949 in Bordeaux, by nine brothers and sisters and today is an international family company. They own 21 estates in the Bordeaux, Provence and Loire Valley regions. In addition, Groupe Castel is the №6 manufacturer in the world, with wineries and breweries in Europe and Africa.

 The wines of the iconic line Maison Castel are produced in the south of France, where the first vines of grapes appeared 2.5 thousand years ago. The warm climate and the Mediterranean Sea favorably affects to create classic gastronomic wines here. It is not surprising that today in the south of France are produced about 70% of all French wines.

The Bayadera Group was selected as the distributor of Maison Castel wines. For several years, the holding has been one of the main importers of wine in Ukraine, and constantly increasing its presence. Today, the Bayadera Group's portfolio of imported wines includes the brands of the world's largest wine giants - Chilean Vina Concha y Toro, Australian Accolade Wines and the French Castel Group.

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