The largest alcoholic holding in Eastern Europe, the main exporter of Ukrainian vodka in the world, the Bayadera Group opens up new markets. 

At the end of 2018, deliveries to Norway began. Today they sell FRESH SHOT and KOZAK vodkas, and Marengo sparkling wine is next in line.

Norway has special rules for the importation and sale of alcohol. Among the Nordic countries, the alcohol policy of Norway is considered one of the toughest, since there is a state monopoly on the wholesale and retail sale of alcoholic beverages. The only company that is allowed to sell drinks with an alcohol content higher than 4.75% in Norway is Vinmonopolet. This is a state retailer that regulates both imports and trade in alcoholic beverages in the country. It is Vinmonopolet that is authorized to examine, check for quality and approve import brands for sales in its territory. Manufacturers' units are honored to undergo rigorous selection among many competitors and receive certification from the Norwegian Vinmonopolet. Therefore, the development of the Norwegian market is a significant achievement for any foreign company that produces alcohol.

The import company of the brands Bayadera Group in Norway - North Sea Food AS began deliveries in December 2018. 

Sales of fruit vodka TM FRESH SHOT and Ukrainian vodka TM KOZAK have already started. And until the end of spring deliveries of sparkling wines Marengo.


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