At the end of 2018, the largest alcohol holding Bayadera Group increased sales in the import segment by 17%. According to experts, the market for imported alcohol in 2019 will grow by 8-10%. Significant development is expected in the segment of foreign wines, and premium and luxury brands will have a steady increase of 2-3%.

In Ukraine, the structure of the import market has changed: in the first place are still wines - 25%, in the second - whiskey (20%), in the third - sparkling and champagne (15% each), in the fourth - brandy, cognac (about 12%), and in fifth place is rum (10%). In the Bayadera Group Company, almost all categories are closed at the moment and in almost all of them the holding is the leader in sales.

The main imports of the holding Bayadera Group are Italian, French, Spanish, Chilean and German wines. Import of wine now shows a high growth rate, therefore the company pays special attention to the wine segment. The holding develops its own trademarks.

Three years ago, the Bayadera Group launched its own in-bulk wine project - the wine is produced in Chile under the TM Cartaval. In Germany, partners produce for the Bayadera Group's Company wines under the TM Latinium, and in Georgia - wines called Geo.

Director of the Bayadera Group’s Company import department, Sergey Babich: “There are a large number of countries, due to which you can expand the portfolio of wines, but we decided to focus on the producers with whom we are already working in order to develop  in distribution and  to build brands in Ukraine. Now we are considering the countries of the New World, which still have a small volume of sales in Ukraine, in particular Argentina and South Africa. As for the plans for 2019, the holding will not display new major brands. In the near future, niche extensions of Diageo and LVMH single malt whiskey lines are planned. ”


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