Vodka under the TM Celsius is created under the ultramodern Trinity technology, during which three production processes are combined: triple blending, triple softening and triple polishing filtration. Strict control at every stage provides a globally competitive high quality product.


Light Объем 1,0/0,5/0,7/0,37/0,2 л; Крепость 40%

Light Volume 1,0/0,5/0,7/0,37/0,2 l;
Alcohol 40%

Classic Объем 1,0/0,5/0,7/0,37/0,2 л;Крепость 40%

Classic Volume 1,0/0,5/0,7/0,37/0,2 l;
Alcohol 40%

Ultra Light Объем 0,5 л;Крепость 38%

Ultra Light Volume 0,5 l;
Alcohol 38%

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